Home Security Devices for a Complete Home Security System

1156729_77385183Here in Los Angeles, the crime rates are high and the population continues to grow. While population means cultural centers and lots of diversity to love, it also means people you need to protect yourself from. The best way to continue to love the place you live is to make sure that you feel you’re defenses are fully armed and operational so that you’re safe to enjoy yourself. Home security is the way this is possible and with the technology of today home security is easy to use and highly effective because of the devices available for monitoring your home. Nearly all professional security systems worth their weight can provide you with all of these devices for your home protection.

The Motion Sensor

motion-alarms-135448943An old classic, the motion sensor, has long provided spy films and homeowners alike with dependability. Spies can always count on motion sensors to test their skill and homeowners can always count on motion sensors to keep the crooks at bay. Placed beneath a window or by a door, motion sensors can utilize various forms of technology to distinguish between the normal state of peace and the presence of a moving form. Affordable and easy to install motion sensors are an essential part of every home security system.

Glass Break Sensors

Though the original models of the glass break sensor devices were notorious for false alarms, set off by everything from sneezes to dogs, the newest models on the market are far more accurate. Honeywell systems have actually perfected sensors that can detect the specific sound of glass breaking and the accompanying sound of a thud preceding the crack. These sensors should be placed by every window in the home to protect from burglars trying to break and enter.

Surveillance Cameras and Motion Activated Cameras

The security camera is an essential and useful tool whether set up to monitor indoors or installed upon the house exterior cameras can provide more information than any other home security device. No home security system should be without at least one security camera on the front of the house and one on the back. cameras-157034738With surveillance footage law enforcement is much more likely to find information that can serve to catch the criminal and to convict them in the courts.

Getting a quality home security camera requires searching for specific features among the thousands of options available today. It is smart to look for a camera that can provide you with a high resolution feed. Standard on many cameras today is a 720p image, that’s the resolution that most high definition televisions have. This resolution is accompanied by the ability to continue filming even at night using infrared illumination or night vision. A final feature that makes for really useful cameras is motion detection activation. Cameras have the ability to turn on when they sense movement, but remain dormant when there is a lack of activity.

Home Automation Apps

All of the above mentioned devices serve to create a perimeter around your property that will protect your home from burglars. These systems are often good enough to scare away crooks before they attempt any crime. Home automation 4 468692317But all of these devices can only function at their best when integrated together into one cohesive system controlled by a home automation app. An app like this has the power to control the system remotely making your security system an extension of your presence. From your motion detectors to your home security cameras and DVR you can control, reset, and review information 24 hours a day. With home automation security is at it’s very best.

If you’re looking for home security that’s not only a great line of defense, but is also convenient to use ask a professional security company to help you set up your home automation security system today! For more information about security systems and home automation in Los Angeles call 866-565-4305.