6 Home Security Tips For Easy Home Security

Theif 464021341 I don’t care how much money you think you’re saving, my friend, you need home security. Did you know nearly 66% of all burglaries are residential and on average they cost the homeowner over 1.5 thousand dollars in loss? How about the fact that every 13 seconds a burglary happens in America? Despite what you might think they can get in and out remarkably fast, in under 60 seconds most of the time. The more time they have the more damage they can do. And when it comes to burglary and property crime the damage done isn’t just fiscal, it’s emotional. After being robbed most homeowners declare that they feel violated because their private life has been vandalized. You can really enjoy the certainty that your protected with less trouble than you think. We’ll even prove it to you with these 6 home security tips to make security easy to achieve.

Tip #1- Take Care Of Your Property

From the sidewalk across the lawn and up to your front door what the neighbors can see says a lot about you, especially when it’s not the neighbors that are looking. The best way to tell a burglar not to mess with you is to take care of your home and property. This means starting by keeping the lawn mowed, the trees trimmed back and the bushes hedged beneath the windowsill so you can see all the way to the street. It also means making sure your doors fit in their frames and close all the way. The windows should lock and the deadbolts too.

Tip #2- Be Security Wise

You’ll do a lot for your home security just by changing your mentality about it. Start by eliminating bad habits of telling the world personal things on your social network. Welcome carpet 153175668Don’t share when you’re going out of town or where you live. And when you do leave for long periods of time make sure you leave a light on or the television so the home doesn’t seem empty.

Tip #3- Get Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are really handy, they’ve gotten fairly accurate and are small and easy to install. Installing motion detectors in the living room, office and bedrooms is a great way to keep an eye on them for relatively cheap cost.

Tip #4- Get Motion Activated Cameras and Remote Monitoring

You’d be surprised but these days motion activated cameras are everywhere and they’re affordable if security is a priority. A motion-activated camera will actually sit dormant until they detect motion within the scope of their lens, then they’ll wake up and begin recording. That’s not all though, they’ll notify you that something is going on and send images or live feed of the “intruder”. If it’s just the gardener you can ignore it, if it’s a crook you can call the cops. Motion activated cameras use the same technology to inform you that there’s something going on as the apps that you can now use to not only respond to your home security, but control it. Many homeowners have started using small indoor cameras and apps for remote monitoring, this enables you to easily check in on the kids or even the vacation home while you’re away.

Tip #5- Go With Full Home Automation

There is nothing more convenient than a home automation system, especially for home security. These systems provide full integration of your home with a small control panel on your phone. You can arm and disarm the system, lock and unlock the doors, turn off bedroom lights and turn on porch lights, adjust the thermostat, and check the cameras without moving from your desk. With full home automation many homeowners are discovering that home security is not just EASY it’s FUN!

Tip #6- Find a Home Security Company

Best of all, you can make your life a whole lot easier by finding a professional home security company to watch your back. With a team of professional technicians monitoring 24 hours a day they can protect you from more than just thieves and they’ll install this home automation system for you.

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