Creating a Home Security System For Apartment Dwellers

1405589_66991568Nearly 42% of all residents here in LA live in apartments and yet few of LA residents know they can find a home security system for apartment protection. Because we’re so used to putting up with the rules of landlords and management and dealing with the noises of the humans that surround us we forget our rights! You have a right to protect yourself, your family and things that are important to you. It’s true that most home security companies aren’t interested in signing contracts with renters because of the uncertainty of their position, after all most insurance companies take about 3 years to really make back their money. But that’s no reason that you can’t enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a solid net of security around your home. Consider these ways you can create security.

Rent Where Your Security Is Important

There are a couple ways you can tell if your landlord or management have your security interests at heart. The first way is simply by looking at the door. Granted a door with a glass pane is prettier, but it’s far less protective. If the door is not solid core it’s easy to break through. 459838_35454449Landlord’s who really care will make sure you have the benefit of security with a solid front door. If there’s no gates around the perimeter of the complex or fences around the parking, and if surveillance cameras are nowhere to be seen it’s an automatic sign you’re not in a place where security is a priority. Decide to rent at places where you’re protection matters to the management.

Carefully Choose Apartments

The higher your apartment is in the apartment complex the more likely you are to be safe from burglary. Unless you make enemies no one is going to want to carry your 40-inch television down 5 flights of stairs. Also it’s wise to look for apartments that have the laundry included in the apartment and not in a public area because you can keep all your belongings together.

Wireless Home Security

Finally, get yourself a security system. Make sure you include cameras, motion detectors, glass break sensors, and door sensors. Nearly every security company out there offers wireless home security systems, and if they don’t you can surely create the perfect system yourself. With home automation or remote monitoring apps a wireless security system can be rigged up and run through your smart phone, meaning you don’t even need any permanent control pad mounted on the wall. From the cameras to the motion detectors, your home security can be run wirelessly.827585_75890335 This is a big leap forward for renters because you can take your security with you if you ever need to move.

Wireless home security is a great way to protect yourself and they have gotten more and more reliable. Stick to these tips and make sure you practice healthy security habits, like locking the door ALWAYS and keeping a light or television on even when you’re gone and you’ll enjoy the confidence of knowing you’re protected.