Most Common Home Security Mistakes


In Los Angeles, home security is not a laughing matter! Your chances of getting burglarized or suffering a home invasion are worse than you want to believe. And still only 17% of homes have security systems carefully designed to prevent and protect from thieves and crooks. If you want to continue to enjoy the peace of your home and the confidence that you’re going to be protected then it’s time you join in. That said, you can save yourself a huge amount of hassle simply by avoiding these far-to-common home security mistakes!

1.     Bargain Security

Homeowners who grudgingly decide to buy security systems will often hit the discount security stores first. While this might certainly save you some cash up front it’s not going to guarantee any savings, or protection! Buying bargain from online sources can be a pretty poor idea. Many purchasers discover their devices are duds, don’t sync correctly, are missing pieces, have poor resolution quality and most of the time are missing features that are considered essential for proper function. Be a smart shopper, do your research, read reviews and look for honest companies to do business with.

2.     Forgetting to Turn On The System

While we’re all proud of you for installing your alarm system it’s going to do you no good until you actually get in the habit of turning it on! Privacy concept Secure Access on smartphone 459675771I don’t care if you’re driving to the store for five minutes to get milk, or you’re headed out on your jog and don’t want to bring the keys, arm the system. It only takes a burglar 5 minutes to get in and out of your house with something valuable. So just learn to turn it on you know?

3.     Using The Wrong Devices

There are hundreds of sensors and cameras available to you today. These devices all have a place and can provide you with plenty of benefits, but if you use the wrong devices in the wrong places then you’re not going to enjoy the benefits. Make sure that you use indoor glass break sensors on the windows and outdoor driveway sensors down the driveway. Put up outdoor cameras to watch over the yard and indoor cameras to monitor your home interior. Using the right pieces in the right places ensures you don’t suffer from a lot of false alarms.

4.     Missing Access Points

While I’m fairly certain you aren’t going to forget to install a camera over the front door, you’d be surprised how many other important access points have no protection at all. People frequently forget that the garage door is the largest entry to the home and entirely vulnerable. Project 113629983Pet doors on the side of the house and bedroom windows are also access points that should be carefully covered with sensors or cameras. As you design your home security layout include every access point to the home so you make sure you’re completely covered.

5.     Setting The System Up Incorrectly

Home alarm systems are meant to alert you if you have an intruder. They’re also meant to alert the police or your home security monitoring company. One of the reasons it is smart to have a company technician do the installation is to make sure that your system is correctly synced to the monitoring servers. If you’re on your own with a DIY system make sure to go the full 9 yards and get that system set up to alert local law enforcement if the system is tripped.